"The Gals are the best dance band in the Midwest... dancers filled the floor as is typical for a Buffalo Gals appearance, and the Gals fed off the dancers' energy. Their music shines like polished spruce and maple (and occasional triangle), and they surprise me with new songs and arrangements every time I hear them.  This night it was Alabama Waltz with a trio harmony featuring Cathy, Betsy and Doug.  What a sweet, swinging song."

Jim Whitney, Twin Cities Acoustic Music Calendar

“One of our most popular acts; professional, fun, … They really put on a good show!”

Shirley Duke, Program Chair
North County Women’s Coffeehouse

“The Buffalo Gals are one of the most talented and entertaining groups I’ve had the pleasure of booking and working with. Highly recommended!”

Mark Boggie, Board President & Founder
Two Harbors Folk Festival

“To say they were an absolute hit at the reception would be an understatement. They were all we hoped for, and then some!”

Fran Kalishewski

Mother of the Bride

“Thirty-one apple pies, handcranked ice cream, and the Buffalo Gals. My clients want it to be an annual event!”

Steve Broin, President