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The Buffalo Gals

c/o 3840 45th Avenue S.

Minneapolis, MN  55406

(612) 722-9229


Won’t you come out tonight?

The Buffalo Gals are an acoustic band featuring fiddle, guitar, bass and harmony singing.. Combining respect for musical tradition with a fresh look at the folk process, we choose danceable songs from the best of folk, country and Cajun. We play old time fiddle tunes, original songs, and our own brand of Cowgirl Swing.


And dance...

Maureen teaches Cajun two step, jitterbug, and waltz. Cathy teaches and calls square, contra and circle dances. Since start-up in 1990 with the Monday Night Square Dance Collective, the Buffalo Gals have played music festivals, dances, concerts, weddings, coffeehouses, outdoor celebrations and corporate parties.


By the light of the moon.

In 2000, our first CD, Buffalo Moon, won a Minnesota Music Academy award, and the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association voted the Buffalo Gals Favorite Old Time Band.


Cathy Mosher

Cathy discovered her knack for harmony while singing in a little-known ukulele combo with her dad and sisters.


With her lovely voice, she was headed for stardom in the church choir until she was kicked out for laughing too much. Their loss, our gain. Now she is singing and laughing. Yodels, too.


She teaches and calls square and contra dances. She also plays tin whistle and percussion. Professionally, she is an interpreter of American Sign Language. (Ask her how to sign "Buffalo Power!")


Betsy Neil

Young Betsy, violin in hand, always said she wanted to be a composer when she grew up: Bach. Beethoven. Betsy.


Then, one fateful day, she heard some really hot fiddle music and started swinging her bow in a whole new way. Her resume now includes a roster of folk and bluegrass bands (far too numerous and obscure to list here). She still plays classical music and teaches strings in the LaCrosse, Wisconsin schools.


And sure enough, the Buffalo Gals are proudly playing Betsy’s newest compositions.


Doug Lohman

Besides his annual travel schedule of a gazillion miles as owner of Armadillo Sound and Design, Doug has played in 25 states and over seas as a former member of a Cajun band, The Bone Tones and midwestern bluegrass favorite, Stoney Lonesome. Now, he also performs with the Cajun band, The New Riverside Ramblers, who with the Buffalo Gals continues to add states to the list.


He first worked with the Buffalo Gals as the producer of our award-winning CD Buffalo Moon which was so much fun that he is now a member of the band. His current motto is "It’s great to be a Gal!"